Future of the Valenti Ranch

The Valenti family originally started farming grapes on their homestead over 100 years ago. The vineyard sits high upon the Mendocino Ridge appellations just off the Philo Greenwood Road. Ten miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, a short jaunt from the Baxter Winery, Ross Ranch, Greenwood Ridge Vineyards and next door to Phillips Hill Winery. A stunning view of the Anderson Valley below. Mendocino Ridge appellation is special as it consists only of the coastal Mendocino ridge-top areas above 1200ft. Due to it’s location above the fog line it has gained the nick-name ‘Islands in the Clouds’. The ridge-top vineyards appear like islands peeking out from the maritime fog,  which rolls into the valley below at night and lingers there throughout the mornings. Because the ridge-tops escape this, their vines are bathed in long days of sunshine, providing ample temperatures to ripen the grapes, despite their proximity to the Ocean. The fruit benefits from slow and steady ripening developing multi-faceted and complex wines. Positively delicious.